Easy cheer-me-up dress from an old bed sheet

The final result of today’s work!

It’s been a bad weekend, so I needed to channel my energy and emotions into something nice.
Dresses are nice.

This is my very first attempt at dress making, so bear with me. I don’t like patterns (they confuse me), so I’ve worked free-hand on this. I’ve had to leave all the fancy bias binding on sleeves and necklines for a time when I’m a more confident sewer, but I’m actually quite proud of the finishings.

The material for the dress came from an old(-ish) bed sheet. A sheet that keeps on giving: it has previously been generous enough to provide me with fabric for a cape for Halloween AND there’s still some left now! Wonder what I’ll make from it next… Suggestions very welcome.

This dress took less than 3 hours to make in total, and is definitely beginner-friendly. 

First, I laid out the fabric inside-out and ironed it. 

I used my mannequin to get a bit of an idea of the width of a body. Using tailor’s chalk, I drew two parallel straight lines from where the shoulders would be down to (approximately) where armholes would finish. From there, I drew lines at a slight angle down to the future hemline. The shape of this dress is a very simple triangle + a rectangle on top for shoulders/armholes.

I then cut the fabric, leaving about 1cm between the chalk line and the scissors. 

I based the neckline on one of my other dresses by simply placing the dress on top of my fabric and drawing a chalk line along the neckline. I cut the neckline out as well, and then proceeded to pin the shoulder bits and sides of the dress together. 

I sewed the sides and shoulder bits together, using a straight stitch and then a zigzag stitch closer to the edge of the fabric to secure the seams. 

I put the dress on my mannequin again to get an idea of where I wanted to place the open back, bearing in mind that I’d still like to be able to wear a bra underneath the dress. I tried out various options in chalk here: a round opening, square and a triangle. I decided to go with the triangle and then used ruler and chalk to draw the final lines for me to cut. 

I pinned and hemmed the neckline and the back, as well as the armholes. I quite liked the length of the dress as it was so I didn’t cut anything and hemmed it, too.

I used some left over fabric to make a scarf/belt for the dress by simply hemming both sides of a long rectangular piece of material. And finally, I ironed all the hemlines and seams.

I quite like the final result, and the fact that it can be worn in (at least) two different ways: 

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