A cape from upholstery fabric

I seem to really get creative only when there’s bad news. Again, a horrible few weeks for the world and my mental health – but a fantastic time for my creativity.

I’ve had this bit of upholstery fabric lying around for ages, not really knowing what to do with it. As with so much of my material stash, I found this fabric in a charity shop (the tag was still on it so I know it was a whopping…  £1).

So  a few weeks ago, in a burst of creative energy that probably stemmed from bottled-up frustration, I fashioned it into a cape within half an hour.


First, I hemmed the edges, measured and draped the piece on my mannequin to work out where I needed to make a cut. I cut into the fabric, making a long, slightly v-shaped (though not too big) cut in the middle up to a point I will name the “neck end”. I hemmed the edges of the V, making the neck end slightly round-ish.

That’s it, can you believe it?

Just drape and fix with a belt. Talk about instant gratification.

Dog and fox day.

I apologise, it has been awfully quiet on this blog for some time now. I do have a very good reason though: This fox had a wedding to plan.

And what a wedding it was! My new husband and I are still buzzing, the muscles in my cheeks still hurt from smiling all weekend long, and our living room is now a mess full of leftover alcohol (not the worst thing, if you ask me!). Our wedding was a fantastical, magical, wonderful day, followed by an unforgettable, wild, wild night. We had a blast! And so did our guests, we hope.

One of the many reasons why we had so much fun on the day – apart from our friends and family being ACE – was I think the fact that we had spent so much time planning and preparing it all ourselves.

So stay tuned – there will be quite a few posts coming up on making your own wedding decorations, how to plan it all yourself, and how to save money in the process.