Homemade wedding: Paper flowers

As mentioned in earlier posts, pretty much all the decorations we had our wedding were homemade or set up by ourselves. 

Utensils assemble!

To make these simple paper flowers, you’ll need some paper (relatively thick, crepe paper for example is a bit difficult to work with here). For most of our wedding flowers, I used book pages from second hand Latin and Ancient Greek text books that we got from the bookshop J used to work at – very sentimental. The rest of the flowers I made out of regular paper which I had painted in different shades of darks blue and orange with water colours:

Water colour landscape – to be made into flowers.

You need to cut out a circle of paper. I used a little bowl as a stencil for this. Feel free to try this free hand, or use different sized stencils (such as glasses, cups, etc.). 

Using a bowl as a stencil, draw a circle.

I then used a pencil/marker/crayon to draw a spiral, starting from the outside of the circle, keeping the width relatively constant, and going into the middle. 


Cut out you circle.

Then start cutting along the lines of the spiral.

Then, it’s time to start rolling. Start from the outside of the circle, fold the paper over and roll until you get to the other end. 

A bit like those toys from the 90s that could go down stairs.


… and roll.

Keep it relatively tight so you don’t lose grip on the paper!

When you get to the end, release the rolled paper a bit. You can make it as tight or loose as you like – the rose can be closed or open. 

Place a drop of hot (!) glue on the little roundish bit that used to be the middle of your spiral. I strongly recommend using a hot glue gun for this! Any other type of glue I’ve tried for this just wouldn’t hold. 

There you… almost looks like a rose now!


…and press. Hold it tight for a few seconds.

And there you go! 

This one was perhaps not my best… 

These definitely were:

Photo credit: Jane Ta Photography

Photo credit: Jane Ta Photography

Photo credit: Jane Ta Photography

P.S.: Aren’t Jane’s photos incredible? Check out her website here.


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