Two for one: Summery separates from a jumpsuit

I bought this jumpsuit a while ago when it was really hot and for some reason my brain was so fried that I believed the slightly intimidating sales assistant when he said, “No, don’t worry, you don’t look fat in this”.  (For the record, he also added, “not any more than you do in what you’re wearing right now”. That’s German politeness for you.)

He was wrong.

Very wrong.

How could I remedy this monstrous error in judgement? Scissors and a sewing machine.

So I went and cut the whole thing in the middle, to separate the top from the trousers.

This was the string formerly used to tie the jumpsuit at the waist. BE GONE!

The waistband of the trousers was given a makeover with elastic and some buttons.

Gather, gather.

Inserting the elastic band into the waistband with the help of a safety pin.

Not quite finished yet but elastic holds up!

Much nicer than before if you ask me!

I didn’t change much on the top, just finished the hem.

New hemline on the top.

For the final version of the set I added leather buttons to the trousers, and tied the top with a knot.

Finished product.


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